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Pollen Picks

⦿ Northland Foundation — President

⦿ Intermedia Arts —  Office & Hospitality Coordinator

⦿ St. Paul Women on Bikes —  Strategic Planning Consultant


⦿ Kristine Kosek is a Senior Consultant with Aurora Consulting

⦿ Susan Carter named as WCA Foundation's new Executive Director 

⦿ 69 finalists in the St. Paul Knight Arts Challenge


⦿ July 17 - The James P. Shannon Leadership Institute Info Sessions

⦿ July 24 - Cross Cultural Marketing — Reaching the Multidimensional Consumer

⦿ July 26 - The MOST Amazing Race



Volume 102

A Note From Pollen 


Dear Pollenites, 

This is a special issue of Pollen because we have an exciting update and interview with our founder, Lars Leafblad, about his new endeavor: Ballinger | Leafblad, a new executive search firm that will reimagine the culture and process that guides executive search in the civic space. 

Pollen needs your help as we seek to hire a full-time Residency in Social Enterprise Fellow through the New Sector Alliance. The priority application closes on July 18, so please pass this opportunity to anyone you know who would want to work on community outreach and editorial engagements with Pollen over the next year. 

As always, we have the best new jobs, props, volunteer openings, events, and community happenings for you to know about and share with your networks. 

Keep sending your updates and opportunities to—the next issue of Pollen publishes Friday, August 1.  

Thank you!

Table of Contents


A New Era for Executive Search 

Last week, Pollen founder, Lars Leafblad made a big announcement, he is co-founding a new executive search firm, Ballinger | Leafblad. Starting your own business is a risky endeavor, but Lars Leafblad and Marcia Ballinger don’t feel brave. Their partnership gives them strength. Ballinger and Leafblad believe in each other even more than they believe in themselves. Together, they have co-created a shared vision to shake up the field of executive search. The civic sector needs a new approach, and Marcia and Lars see a path to reimagining the search process for placing leaders within organizations that do good.

Marcia and Lars are leaders in their own right. They are extraordinary individuals, but they insist they are their best selves when working together. And so Pollen has investigated the shape of their individual career tracks, to better understand the fascinating team dynamics of this partnership.


And so how did they get there?

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Volume 102: Props

Robert Sannerud

Sannerud, CFO of Life Link III, was selected as the Board Chair of the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants (MNCPA).

Cordelia Pierson

Minnesota Environmental Fund announces their new Executive Director, Pierson.

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Volume 102: Openings


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Volume 102: Events

July 15

CITY SCHOOL: Introduction to Saint Paul’s Public Art Ordinance
This half day-long workshop will introduce Saint Paul’s Public Art Ordinance. Passed in 2009, this legislation establishes that artists should be involved from the earliest stages of City projects through design and implementation. What does this mean for City employees, contractors, community developers and public artists? Participants from these professional communities will gain insight into ways this Public Art Ordinance is enacted, and will shed light on areas where further education, engagement and professional development work is needed. In the process, participants will also build new connections and a shared vocabulary across disciplines, practicing collaboration through fun workshop activities.

July 16

TeamWomenMN Summer Networking Event
You're invited to TeamWomenMN's summer networking event. Mix and mingle with some of the Twin Cities most established women who are truly interested in helping you reach your full potential. You will receive valuable tips on networking, professional advancement and much more at this great event. Appetizers will be provided! Our speaker for the evening will be Marcia Ballinger - Ph.D, SPHR.

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Volume 102: Inspiration


Call to Action

MCF is pleased to open applications for the Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellowship (formerly the MCF Philanthropy Fellowship).The fellowship is dedicated to Ron McKinley, a longtime member of the philanthropic and nonprofit communities. He was a mentor to many and an advocate who embodied justice and equity. He worked tirelessly throughout his career to ensure that all those underrepresented in these communities were afforded equal access, opportunity and the resources necessary to fully participate and be heard. The fellowship, which was launched as a partnership with MCF and the Bush Foundation in 2013, will prepare individuals from underrepresented communities for careers in philanthropy. But the fellowship is about more than changing the face of leadership in philanthropy; it’s about infusing new ideas and viewpoints into the field.

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