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Pollen Picks

⦿ Northland Foundation — President

⦿ Intermedia Arts —  Office & Hospitality Coordinator

⦿ St. Paul Women on Bikes —  Strategic Planning Consultant


⦿ Kristine Kosek is a Senior Consultant with Aurora Consulting

⦿ Susan Carter named as WCA Foundation's new Executive Director 

⦿ 69 finalists in the St. Paul Knight Arts Challenge


⦿ July 17 - The James P. Shannon Leadership Institute Info Sessions

⦿ July 24 - Cross Cultural Marketing — Reaching the Multidimensional Consumer

⦿ July 26 - The MOST Amazing Race


Volume 49



Dear Pollenites,

After a year of dreaming, plotting, and planning, I’m thrilled to finally introduce you to BePollen is the result of an ongoing cross-sector collaboration between myself and Paper Darts, a Minneapolis-based publishing press and arts agency.

By pairing the creative vision of Paper Darts with the business savvy and professional pluck of Pollen, we’re creating a community that’s even more innovative and inclusive than before. The debut features in Volume 49 reflect this new era of Pollen, highlighting three of Minneapolis’ most pioneering representatives from the arts and business worlds.  I’m proud to share their stories alongside the news, ideas, and events from other Pollenites, and am blown away by the amazing people and organizations displayed in this Volume and all the others leading up to it.

Thank you so much for all your help over the years. Pollen is what it is today because of the strength and support of the Pollen community, and I can’t wait to see it grow more in the future!

Hope you enjoy,


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