skyn ICELAND Arctic Elixir, 0.845 fl. oz.


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skyn ICELAND Arctic Elixir, 0.845 fl. oz. Description

The Arctic Elixir is a treatment formulated with a peptide derived from plant stem cells that combats stress-induced signs of aging in as little as three weeks. This ground-breaking technology helps to induce DNA repair genes and stimulate cell energy to revitalize skin. Truly transformative, it has also been shown to diminish wrinkles and improve elasticity while helping to boost the synthesis of new collagen and reduce free radicals. Raspberry plant stem cells deliver powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that help reign in damage caused by stress. Stress has a special way of leaving its mark on even the most glowing complexions. Whether it’s a life that’s just too busy or environmental aggressors that just won’t quit, skin reacts badly and begins to look irritated and exhausted, diminished and aged. Sodium Hyaluronate, derived from a natural barley extract, is a wrinkle filler that is deeply moisturizing and helps to restore skin’s lipid barrier. It has been shown to significantly reduce wrinkle depth in 30 minutes and helps to restore skin’s suppleness, elasticity and tone. Raspberry stem cells are a patented active derived from cultured raspberry cells with powerful antioxidant and DNA protection benefits. Offers immediate soothing and long-term protection for the skin. Specifically targets stress-induced inflammation and aging by reducing nitric oxide levels. Plant Peptide, also known as plant collagen, is derived from cultured plant stem cells and used to diminish wrinkles, improve elasticity, boost collagen production while helping protect and repair cell DNA. It has also been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles up to 25% in just three weeks.

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