Tiege Hanley Mens ACNE System – Level 1


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Tiege Hanley Mens ACNE System – Level 1 Description

Size:Acne Level 1 ACNE CREAM:At Tiege Hanley, we believe having great skin should be simple, affordable and effective. Until now the salicylic acid products for men battling acne were the exact opposite–complicated, expensive and largely ineffective.A major reason so many of the previously existing salicylic acid cleanser options for treating acne have not worked is because the active ingredient was included in the cleanser. When you think about this, you will immediately see why it is a sub-par approach. The other ingredients in cleansers are designed to remove all the substances on the surface of your skin, so they wash away the active ingredient necessary to treat acne before it is able to penetrate and heal.Tiege Hanley’s active ingredient for treating acne is in the moisturizer applied AFTER you have cleansed your skin. This is the best time to do the work necessary for restoring your skin to its smooth, blemish-free state.EXFOLIATING SCRUB Tiege Hanley’s men’s face SCRUB uniquely uses crushed apricot seeds to wipe away dead skin cells effectively, without feeling like sandpaper! It adds things like Vitamin B3, cucumber extract, and menthyl lactate to soothe and repair the skin. Great for men with skin ranging from dry to oily.AM MOISTURIZER Our AM face moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and vibrant, and it also has SPF 20 which helps block out harmful UV rays, allowing you to tackle the problems of the day with confidence. When you leave your home, you need a shield that keeps your skin young, vibrant, and healthy. FACE WASH Our Daily Face Wash for men is the cornerstone of the Tiege skin care system. This bad boy is the perfect solution for men who are dealing with the everyday dirt, grime, and excess oil which is just part of life.

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