TRI Ecollogen Shampoo Liter (33.8 oz.)


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TRI Ecollogen Shampoo Liter (33.8 oz.) Description

Ecollogen Shampoo is a gentle but effective shampoo for the whole family. May be used daily on all types of hair to improve manageability, vitality and add healthy shine. Although safe and effective on all hair types, Ecollogen Shampoo is recommended for natural hair. This concentrated shampoo moisturizes and repairs the hair utilizing hydrolyzed marine collagen protein to strengthen damaged hair, and reduce split ends. Collagen protein is a natural humectant, (moisturizing ingredient) that bonds to damaged areas along and within the hair shaft becoming part of the hair structure. Hair is left stronger, more lustrous and moisturized. Ecollogen Shampoo has a pleasant, clean fragrance that won’t linger in the hair. The moisturizing and strengthening characteristics of Ecollogen Shampoo also make it a great body wash that leaves skin soft and nourished, with no residue.

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